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News and Curiosities
about Italian RG

6th April 2003: The Italian Team (Elisa Bianchi, Francesca Cugurra, Daniela Masseroni, Francesca Pasinetti, Elisa Santoni) reached the 3rd position at the Team European Championships, with a screaming Susanna Marchesi in the crowd! CONGRATULATIONS!

Results from Europeans: Laura Zacchilli 11th, Susanna Marchesi 16th.

Susanna Marchesi, Laura Zacchilli and Desirée have been chosen for the Italian team of the European Championships! Good Luck!

Italy Team won the Longines Prize for Elegance and got the 5th place all around (2002 World Championships) and 4th place at the final apparatus (3 ropes&2 balls).

The National Team has been completely changed. The new titular girls training at the new Federal Centre in Desio are: Linda Bollo (the leader), Elisa Blanchi, Francesca Cugurra, Marinella Falca, Pamela Mastroianni, Elisa Santoni and Laura Solari. Their coach is Emanuela Maccarani. Read about it.

16th March 2002, Chieti, final of Serie A: Susanna Marchesi assure us "I'll start compete internationally again!". Susi arrived 4th with Petrarca Arezzo, performing her ribbon and rope routines. As foreign guest of this team there was Almudena Cid Tostado, who seems to be a great friend of Susi's, too!

On the 2nd Fabruary at the Italian A series (photos from this competition to come soon) we had one of the BEST SURPRISES ever: Susanna Marchesi, our beloved star, started to compete again! After one year of retirement, she felt incomplete without her main passion and started to train again about one month ago... and she performed an AMAZING rope routine! She felt comfortable with the new code, and you can't imagine she quit gymnastics for one year, when you see her catching the rope with the feet, just like a flamingo ... During 2000, she worked as a coach for her society Petrarca Arezzo and she performed exhibitions in various places (for example in Salerno, and she went to 7 x 1 again doing the hoop in September on the Rai Uno Channel). Laura Zacchilli couldn't compete because of an injury she got the day before the competition :o(
But the Aurora Fano team demonstrated its value winning the second A series competition in Spoleto.

Santagata Vera, one of our best Italian hopes, has retired :o((

A new magazine about rhythmic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, fitness and aerobics was born: it's Gym Action . Subscribe to it, it's worth the money! It has 64 full color pages with a lot of good quality photos and infos about RG!

The Technical National Center is no more in Follonica, due to lack of money from the Federation. It was moved to Desio. Laura Vernizzi and Romina Laurito (a very little AMAZING girl) are training there. The other members of the national team currently train in their society.

Susanna Marchesi sadly retired after the Olympics. She was fed up with gymnastics and wanted to live a normal life. So a new Italian Team had to be created. In Geneve Europeans 2001, we had the pleasure to see 2 new Italian individuals: Laura Vernizzi and Daniela Masseroni. In the Worlds in Madrid 2001 also Desiree Pagliaccia from Armonia Chieti competed. She behaved very well at her first international competition - her coach says "Her major quality: she loves to compete". We will add her profile soon.

24th Semptember 2001: Samantha Ferrari got married!

Arianna Rusca has retired after the Olympic Games in Sydney.

Martina Nadalini and Noemi Iezzi have retired.

2000 Olympic Games - Individual All Around - SUSANNA MARCHESI 10th - rope:9.750 hoop:9.600 ball:9.975 ribbon:9.725. Cick here to see her interview and here to see the pictures

10th August 2000, 8.50pm. "Sette per Uno", on the Rai Uno channel: Laura Zacchilli - On the 3rd August there was Susanna Marchesi, who got the best score and won over the other 6 opponents, but she failed to count the money and she didn't win it, unfortunately! In July also Noemi Iezzi partecipated to the show, gaining lots of points

©Laura Vigna & Roberta Diglio