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The music you're listening is "Let It Be", by The Beatles

The Marchesi Flamingo by Andrea Fusco (June 1997)

New Dimension by Luciano Montanari (November 1997)

A chat with Susanna... by Roberta Diglio (19 September, 1998)

Tears of joy by Luciano Montanari (December 1999)

Olga Boujanova's interview 1998 -
The ex-coach of Oxana Kostina, was asked to become the coach of the Italian National Team. She accepted, so now she is the favourite coach of our beloved Italian Champion Susanna Marchesi

Susy after the Olympics by Laura Vigna (November, 2000)

Susanna Marchesi's farewell letter by Susanna Marchesi (November, 2000)

Laura Vigna & Roberta Diglio