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Irene Germini (ITA)

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Irene Germini

Name: Irene Germini

Birthday: 24th July 1974

Birthplace and Residence: Legnano (MI)

Club: ACSI Rho - Muggiò 75

Coach: Lorena Monguzzi and Tatiana Chpilevaia

Irene was one of the greatest of the RSG, also if her results weren't able to overheld other gymnasts like the ones from Ukraine, Russia and so on. She competed at the'96 Olympic Games at a very "old" age: she was 22. Then, she decided to retire, very sad but happy because of her beautiful carreer: "It's better to leave when your flight is still superb, and while you know you are yet looked upon by your opponents with a feeling of awe and admiration that is called respect. We don't need to be remembered as those who were only able to nurse with difficulty an imitation of themselves when they were at their best. And so, I feel this is enough. I leave while I still hear the applause". She's joined the beautiful group of acrobats Kataklò since four years.

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