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The music you're listening is "Thank You" by Alanis Morrisette

Thanx to...

Susanna Marchesi, our Champion and inspirer of this site

Italian Gymnasts, Coaches and Technicians mentioned in this site, and even those who aren't but contribute

"Il Ginnasta", the wonderful Italian RSG magazine owner of some pictures that are in this website

Alexander Kochann, Karol Otero, Robert Hockley, Tom Theobald, Patrick Tower, Gymagery, Barny Thierof : great photographers

Inger Marit Vilje Arnestad, Rest In Peace

Marie Moltubakk, who continued Vilje's job on musics

Ilaria Brugnotti, Lombardia Technician, precious for some pieces of news

Henri Thibault, our friend from San Diego, very helpful for the translation of Susanna's biography

Giada Geraci, for giving us some articles about the Italian Team in Sydney

Laura Vigna & Roberta Diglio