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Last Updates

New!!!New!!!New!!!2nd August 2008: After *so* many years, the website has been updated: Susanna got married! Watch out Susanna, after her retirement, has been coaching at Petrarca Arezzo Society, her former club. Good luck on everything, Susy!!! New!!!New!!!New!!!

Watch out Curiosity page...

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Added a lot of pictures from the International Tournament in Prato and A Series 2002. You can find them in the following sections: Susanna Marchesi's pictures, Laura Zacchilli's, Desirée Pagliaccia's, Romina Laurito's, Daniela Masseroni's, Laura Vernizzi's.

Added the results of the European Championships... in Susanna and Laura's achievements and in the curiosity page.

Updates the achievement pages of Susanna Marchesi, Laura Zacchilli, Noemi Iezzi, Roberta Borgna, Martina Nadalini and Arianna Rusca.

Check the News and Curiosity page!

Added many pictures of Laura Vernizzi, Daniela Masseroni, Desirée Pagliaccia.

Added some pictures of the Italian Team and an article about the latest victory (read also the curiosity section).

If you tried to contact us in the latest days, we probably didn't get your letters. The new e-mail to get in touch with us is: (Roberta's e-mail). Thanks!

Added Susanna's letter to the President of FGI when she thought she'd left her activity. Read it.

The National Team has been completely changed: read about it.

News from Chieti, final of Serie A competition (16th March 2002): check the first infos on Italian Rhythmic Gymnastics. Coming soon: much more!!!

Added many photos of the Italian active gymnasts profiles : Zacchilli, Masseroni and Vernizzi. In particular check the Madrid Worlds Photogallery

Created the News and Curiosities about Italian RG section!

Created New Talent section on Italian Rhythmic Gymnastics

Updated the Italian RG Links

Added new pictures on Susanna Marchesi's best photos.

Added the Music pages!!! Visit each page of the gymnasts on on the Italian Gymnastic section.

Added a new individualist, Laura Vernizzi and Daniela Masseroni.

Updated Irene Germini and Noemi Iezzi's pages

Links to the videos on the Daniela Masseroni and Laura Zacchilli pages (the videos server is temporarily offline for upgrade)

Updated all the profiles and photos of the Italian Group.

A new section was born: the Article one! It contains three articles about the Italian Group.

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